Sturge Moore pictures

It’s always gratifying to see a correlation between cataloguing and use. That happened today when Professor Anna Gruetzner Robins of the University of Reading came to use the Thomas Sturge Moore Papers, recatalogued onto our electronic archival catalogue a couple of years ago. Professor Robins is currently writing a book entitled Paper Thin, about different kinds of print-making and reprographic processes in the 1890s. Scrapbooks among the Thomas Sturge Moore Papers (MS978/3/6) are a treasure trove for this project because it is hard to find late-nineteenth-century photographs of paintings. Not only do the Sturge Moore scrapbooks preserve these, but they are fascinating because they include images of varying quality, not merely high-quality ones. It is possible to find several images of a single painting, made in different ways to different standards. The next task is to examine the Sturge Moore correspondence for what it reveals about contemporary artists.

Thomas Sturge Moore scrapbook

Thomas Sturge Moore scrapbook


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