The Carlton Shorthand Collection comes into its own

The Carlton Shorthand Collection is one of the larger named special collections in Senate House Library, and is internationally one of the most significant, as one of the world’s most comprehensive shorthand collections. It is also one of the least used, shorthand being something of a niche subject – the Library’s most frequent use of items from it is as examples of lithography or of manuscript being used in printed texts (two solutions to the problems of printing shorthand symbols in letterpress). So it was gratifying today to be visited by Prof. Boris Neubauer and Monika Disser of the Forschungs- und Ausbildungsstätte für Kurzschrift und Textverarbeitung in Bayreuth, who were alive to the importance of the collection in a way that only experts can be. The Neubauers‘ interest focused on items it would be difficult to find anywhere else. These ranged from examples of shorthand and secondary material to a number of reports of international shorthand congresses from the late nineteenth century and first quarter of the twentieth century.  An added bonus was finding that one book had been the personal copy of Giuseppe Aliprandi, who, like Carlton, was a bibliographer of shorthand.


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