French Studies Library Group visit

Last Thursday Senate House Library hosted a visit by about twenty librarians from the French Studies Library Group. The programme included a display of French items within Special Collections. Although Senate House Library has only one collection with a consciously French focus, the Foskett Uzanne Collection, several collections with a comprehensive subject focus include French books. Thus among other books we were able to show a rare and fine French astronomical work from 1528, a popular French book on conjuring from 1792, and a book illustrative of western perceptions of Russia from 1525 to 1917, John Grand-Carteret’s Les caricatures sur l’alliance franco-russe (1893). The oldest item shown and the one most admired was an exquisite small book of hours printed on vellum in Paris in about 1516, with beautiful coloured illustrations, which features in our 2012 book of sixty treasures from Senate House Library. The most recently acquired was Au guet! (1997), a translation of Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! Where we have French translations of English fiction – common publications in terms of print runs, but rarely to be found in British academic libraries – it is in collections based around particular literary authors. The collection of Pratchett’s works, aiming for all editions, translations, and audio and video manifestations of Pratchett’s output, is the most comprehensive of these.





Pratchett, Au guet



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