Matriculation milestone

A milestone has been reached in the project to transcribe names from the examination registers in the University’s own archive (reference UoL/D/1-). 

There are sixty-six large volumes in total covering the period 1838-1889.  They are all handwritten and comprise details of students, who took a variety of University of London examinations.  Some of this information may well be unique, such as the details of addresses of students in non-census years.  Information like this is gold-dust for genealogists but the registers are of potential interest to a wide variety of researchers. 

Examination register

A nineteenth-century examinations register (reference D3).
Can you spot the world famous figure?

The details of over 7,500 matriculation examination students, covering the years 1867-1875, are now online,

These comprise only a fraction of the total number of students in the volumes but amongst their number were luminaries such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Alexander Graham Bell.   We are very grateful to Laura Wood, Isobel Royce, and Ben Rowlands, who have worked with such skill and dedication on this project.


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